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  • December 2021--Introductions, Music, Ruminations, & Marriage Equality

  • January 2022--Gender Queer, the Book and the Lives, Pronouns, more Marriage Equality, and Adoption, plus resources for transgender people in crisis

  • February 2022--A Portrait of Queer on the Mendocino Coast

  • March 2022--The Warm & Fuzzy Family Values Episode

  • April 2022--Body Image and that Bad Old Positive

  • June 2022--Abortion Rights: A Queer Perspective

  • July 2022--National Community Activism and the Art of Drag, with Jose Ignacio Gaona and Mizz Terracotta Clay

  • August 2022--From China to Taiwan to Albion with Nancy Chao, Queer Prom with Adrian James, and Taking the Dick out of Dictionary with Sherry Glaser

  • September 2022--the September Medley: highlights and hot outtakes from the last nine months of Pride Nation 101...

  • The Music Episode

The Trail Stewards Radio Hour--Ecology, Politics, and Policy of the Redwood Region

Episode 1: Climate change and sustainable forestry, with JP O'Brien and Teresa Sholars

Episode 2: How to save a forest with Bill Lemos and Naomi Wagner

Episode 4: Activists young and old in Jackson demonstration State Forest

Episode 5: Tribal co-management with Polly Girvin, our allies Gransel and Hetel, Michelle McMillan, Sara Constance Rose, and Vince Taylor on the Mendocino Woodlands

Episode 6: The Jackson Advisory Group and the Old Woodlands, with Chris Blencowe, Charlie Schneider, and Bill Lemos

Episode 7: A rebroadcast of the Gallery Bookshop/Book Arts Mendo Zoom event for the Mendocino Trail Stewards' Book

Episode 8: The Pomo Rally in Ukiah

Episode 9: Forest carbon, carbon offsets, and exposing more hot air, with Gary Graham Hughes, Stephen Sillett, Evan Mills, Matt Simmons, Marc Jensen, Ravel Gauthier, and more.....

April 6 Cal Fire Walk with Stephen Sillett and others, full length

Episode 10: Redwood forest ecology and recovery with Environmental Scientist Will Russell and Ecologist Teresa Sholars

Episode 11: A Celebration of the Life of Bill Lemos

Episode 12: Prescribed Fire with the Stewards of Emerald Earth Sanctuary and Kyle Farmer of UC Cooperative Extension in Hopland

The Jackson Advisory Group with Charlie Schneider and The Mushroom Economy with Eric Schramm

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