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The Trail Stewards Radio Hour

Episode 1: Climate change and sustainable forestry, with JP O'Brien and Teresa Sholars

Episode 2: How to save a forest with Bill Lemos and Naomi Wagner

Episode 4: Activists young and old in Jackson demonstration State Forest

Episode 5: Tribal co-management with Polly Girvin, our allies Gransel and Hetel, Michelle McMillan, Sara Constance Rose, and Vince Taylor on the Mendocino Woodlands

Episode 6: The Jackson Advisory Group and the Old Woodlands, with Chris Blencowe, Charlie Schneider, and Bill Lemos

Episode 7: A rebroadcast of the Gallery Bookshop/Book Arts Mendo Zoom event for the Mendocino Trail Stewards' Book

Episode 8: The Pomo Rally in Ukiah

Episode 9: Forest carbon, carbon offsets, and exposing more hot air, with Gary Graham Hughes, Stephen Sillett, Evan Mills, Matt Simmons, Marc Jensen, Ravel Gauthier, and more.....

April 6 Cal Fire Walk with Stephen Sillett and others, full length

Episode 10: Redwood forest ecology and recovery with Environmental Scientist Will Russell and Ecologist Teresa Sholars

Episode 11: A Celebration of the Life of Bill Lemos

Episode 12: Prescribed Fire with the Stewards of Emerald Earth Sanctuary and Kyle Farmer of UC Cooperative Extension in Hopland

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